Industries We Serve: Our valve supply and process flow control solutions cater to a diverse range of industries, including:

Gas Industry:

Natural gas distribution and transmission
Gas processing and treatment
LNG (liquefied natural gas) facilities
Compressed air systems

Food and Beverage Industry:

Food processing and production
Beverage manufacturing
Dairy processing
Breweries and distilleries

Chemical Industry:

Petrochemical plants
Chemical processing and manufacturing
Pharmaceutical production
Speciality chemical applications

Renewable Energy:


Oil & Gas Production & Refining

Power Generation & Utilities

Energy from Waste

Other Sectors:

Water and wastewater treatment
Mining and minerals processing

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Benny – Northern Sales Manager

21st May 2024

We are really pleased to introduce you to Benny, our new Northern Sales Manager!   Benny has...

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New UK channel partners for REXA, inc.

14th November 2023

Mutliplex – New UK channel partners for REXA, inc. Providing Customer specific engineered...

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Go with Camflex GR: One-to-One  Replacement! 

13th November 2023

Why a Camflex GR over a Reciprocating?   🔹Proven Reliability – over 1.2 million...

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