Multiplex Services

Our Product Range: At Multiplex we offer a diverse selection of valves and process flow control equipment that cater to a wide range of industries and applications. Our product portfolio includes:

Ball Valves:

  • High-performance valves suitable for controlling flow in pipelines and process systems.
  • Globe Valves: Ideal for precise control of flow rates in various industrial processes.
  • Butterfly Valves: Versatile valves suitable for handling large flow rates with low pressure drops.


Speciality Valves:

  • Control Valves: Highly accurate valves used for regulating flow, pressure, and temperature in complex industrial processes.
  • Safety Relief Valves: Ensure overpressure protection and prevent system damage or failure.
  • Diaphragm Valves: Suitable for handling corrosive and abrasive fluids in demanding applications.


Actuators and Accessories:

  • Pneumatic Actuators: Provide reliable automation and precise control of valve operations.
  • Electric Actuators: Offer efficient and precise positioning of valves for enhanced control.
  • Positioners: Ensure accurate positioning and feedback control for valves in automated systems.
  • Valve Position Indicators: Provide visual indication of valve position for improved monitoring.

Valves and Controls

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Servicing and Repairs

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Calibration & Testing

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