ChemUK 2023

Multiplex Engineering Ltd, a leading provider of engineering solutions based in Chesterfield, made a significant impact at the highly anticipated “Chem UK” Exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham. The event, which took place from May 10th to May 11th, provided an ideal platform for Multiplex Engineering Ltd to showcase its innovative valve solutions and establish connections with industry professionals.

As a trusted expert in valve supply and process flow control, Multiplex Engineering Ltd seized the opportunity to present its cutting-edge products and services to a diverse audience comprising professionals from the chemical industry. The company’s booth attracted considerable attention with its striking display and interactive demonstrations, captivating visitors throughout the two-day event.

“We were thrilled to be part of the Chem UK Exhibition and have the opportunity to engage with industry leaders, customers, and prospects,” said Mr. Robert Ellis, MD of Multiplex Engineering Ltd. “Our goal was to demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-quality valve solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and performance in the chemical sector. The positive response we received from attendees validates the importance of our offerings in this industry.”

The Multiplex Engineering Ltd booth showcased an impressive range of valves, including ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, and more. The company’s knowledgeable team was on hand to provide in-depth insights, answer questions, and discuss specific customer requirements. Visitors had the opportunity to explore the features and benefits of Multiplex Engineering Ltd’s products firsthand, gaining a clear understanding of how they could improve their operations.

The Chem UK Exhibition, renowned for its focus on the chemical industry, served as an ideal platform for Multiplex Engineering Ltd to connect with potential customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones. The event attracted a wide array of professionals, including engineers, procurement specialists, maintenance managers, and decision-makers from leading chemical companies.

“Participating in the Chem UK Exhibition allowed us to network with industry peers and engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges and opportunities in the chemical sector,” added Mr Ellis. “We were able to showcase our expertise and demonstrate how our valve solutions can contribute to the success and efficiency of chemical processes.”

Multiplex Engineering Ltd’s presence at the exhibition further solidified its position as a trusted partner for valve supply and process flow control in the chemical industry. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction resonated well with attendees, resulting in valuable connections and prospects for future collaborations.

For more information about Multiplex Engineering Ltd and its range of valve solutions, please visit their website at Their dedicated team is available to provide expert advice and tailored solutions to meet specific industry requirements.