Benny – Northern Sales Manager

We are really pleased to introduce you to Benny, our new Northern Sales Manager!  

Benny has recently joined the team at Multiplex after working in the valve industry for 35 years. He has worked for a few different companies with a range of roles, starting on the assembly line for Keystone Valves and rising through a couple of companies to Director level, more recently moving into external sales. He has experience working in the UK, Europe, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan and we are now lucky to have him on our team!  

Benny’s role currently involves supporting existing customers with technical solutions and offerings whilst also searching out new opportunities in the Northern region of the UK, mainly Scotland.  

We asked Benny how he would sum up what Multiplex do as a company and why we excel at it, here is what he had to say:  

“Multiplex excel with product and industry knowledge and have a can-do attitude to finding a solution for the customers. As a distributor, they operate as an extension of the OEM but always keeping their focus on the end user.” 

With a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm behind him, Benny is most looking forward to supporting our customers. He says: “making a difference is what I get up in the morning to do.” 

Benny’s favourite part about the role so far is the interaction with the customers: 

“This has always been my main drive but working with the guys in the office is also great as talking with likeminded people brings me energy.” 

Outside of work, one of Benny ‘s main hobbies is car restoration. He even built his own workshop at home during lockdown! He is currently nearing completion of a 1990 Lotus Esprit SE Turbo that’s been with him for 18 months. He also has a motorcycle and a 911 Carrera 4S for the sunny days in Scotland. 

We are extremely proud to have Benny as part of the team and look forward to his journey!  

New UK channel partners for REXA, inc.

Mutliplex – New UK channel partners for REXA, inc. 
Providing Customer specific engineered solutions. In-line with Multiplex’s commitment to providing the very best in process control products. 
As the industries we serve continue to strive towards reduced emissions, maximized uptime, increased throughput and efficiency. The addition of REXA Electrualic actuators to our portfolio demonstrates our commitment to the philosophy of selling solutions, not just products. 
Every REXA actuator is bespoke, fined tuned to give unrivalled performance and minimal cost of ownership. REXA can be fitted to any valve, vane or damper on a new installation or as a retrofit upgrade. 
Contact Multiplex Engineering and let us solve your most problematic control applications. 

Go with Camflex GR: One-to-One  Replacement! 

Why a Camflex GR over a Reciprocating?  
🔹Proven Reliability – over 1.2 million installed globally 
🔹Simpler spare part management: one plug for each size no matter the Cv, plus the same actutator for multiple line sizes and air fail modes providing lower cost of ownership and fewer spare part needs 
🔹No sliding stem means no complex packing, less friction and less chance for contaminants to damage the packing 
🔹3-5 gasketed joints on a reciprocating valve vs. “0” on a Camflex GR = less chance for environmental issues 
🔹Easier to install/remove as the Camflex GR is one-half the weight of a typical reciprocating valve 
🔹Critical guiding for reciprocating valves is in direct flow stream, which can lead to higher frequency of replacement parts; Camflex GR is not, resulting in lower maintenance, less downtime = cost savings 
🔹Direct Positioner mounting is simpler and eliminated the complex linage associated with accuracy errors on a reciprocating valve 
🔹Double the turndown or Cv ratio of conventional globe valve provides incredible control 
🔹Eccentric rotating, self-aligning plug for a reliable tight shut-off leads to less leaks and a more reliable valve