Go with Camflex GR: One-to-One  Replacement! 

Why a Camflex GR over a Reciprocating?  
🔹Proven Reliability – over 1.2 million installed globally 
🔹Simpler spare part management: one plug for each size no matter the Cv, plus the same actutator for multiple line sizes and air fail modes providing lower cost of ownership and fewer spare part needs 
🔹No sliding stem means no complex packing, less friction and less chance for contaminants to damage the packing 
🔹3-5 gasketed joints on a reciprocating valve vs. “0” on a Camflex GR = less chance for environmental issues 
🔹Easier to install/remove as the Camflex GR is one-half the weight of a typical reciprocating valve 
🔹Critical guiding for reciprocating valves is in direct flow stream, which can lead to higher frequency of replacement parts; Camflex GR is not, resulting in lower maintenance, less downtime = cost savings 
🔹Direct Positioner mounting is simpler and eliminated the complex linage associated with accuracy errors on a reciprocating valve 
🔹Double the turndown or Cv ratio of conventional globe valve provides incredible control 
🔹Eccentric rotating, self-aligning plug for a reliable tight shut-off leads to less leaks and a more reliable valve